Lunch Bags and Salads

Looking for lunch for the office, field trip, school group or simply a tasty bite to eat?  Our lunch bags and salads will be sure to fill the gap!  Napkins suppiled for all lunch bags and salads, disposable cutlery supplied for salads.


Salads all made in house to order using fresh tasty ingredients.

featured-menu-page asian-noodle-salad

Asian noodle salad

$15.00 per person (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 10.

A tasty asian inspired salad

  • vermicelli noodle, rainbow slaw, grilled halloumi, toasted pumpkin seeds,
featured-menu-page pear-rocket-salad-with-sliced-beef-sirloin

Pear & rocket salad with sliced beef sirloin

$15.00 per person (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 10.

Light lunch salad with pear, fresh rocket and medium rare sliced beef sirloin

  • pear, rocket, sliced beef sirloin,
featured-menu-page moroccan-salad

Moroccan salad

$15.00 per person (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 10.

Spiced lamb with roasted vegetable & cous cous salad served with spicy tomato chutney

  • roasted vegetable & cous cous salad, Moroccan lamb, spicy tomato chutney,
featured-menu-page thai-chicken-salad

Thai chicken salad

$15.00 per person (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 10.

Smoked chicken with all the authentic Thai flavours

  • lemon grass, kaffir lime, chilli & coconut, smoked chicken,
featured-menu-page smoked-salmon-salad

Smoked salmon salad

$15.00 per person (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 10.

Salmon salad with fresh rocket salad

  • smoked salmon, feta, cucumber, lemon dressing, and cherry tomato.

Lunch Bags

Delicious lunch bags delivered to your door, all lunch bags come with paper napkin and fork wrapped in a good old fashioned brown paper bag.

featured-menu-page mini-lunch-bag

Mini Lunch Bag

$12.50 per person (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 10.

Mini Lunch Bag

  • mini filled bap, freshly baked biscuit, individual fresh fruit salad,
featured-menu-page old-school-lunch-bag gallery-fingerfood

Old school lunch bag

$15.50 per person (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 10.

Old school lunch bag

  • individual fresh fruit salad, cheese, onion & feta muffin, large filled bap, cold chicken drumstick, and mini chocolate bar.
featured-menu-page drinks


$3.40 per person (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 10.

Selection of soft drinks, bottled water & juice

  • coke, sprite, l & p, diet coke, fanta, bottled water, and juice.

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