Finger Food Platters

Finger food platters are an easy-to-order party pleaser. Our finger food catering chefs have designed these delicious platters to suit a variety of occasions and purposes. Order one, or order many - suitable for any type of function. Our finger food platters are not designed as a meal replacement, however, most are hearty enough to keep your guests satisfied.

Each platter is enough for approximately 10 people to graze on and you can order as many platters as you like. (eg. 50 people will require approximately 5 platters)

Available for delivery in Auckland & Hamilton metropolitan areas, available to service onsite in Auckland, Hamilton,Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Rotorua, Taupo and more. Get in touch with one of our friendly team to find out more about service areas - 0800 762 787



featured-menu-page fruit-platter

Fruit Platter

$88.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

Seasonal and tropical fruits

featured-menu-page sushi-platter

Sushi Platter

$86.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

Variety of sushi served with soy dipping sauce, wasabi & ginger

Vegetarian Hot Platter

$86.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

Mini Samosa, Mini Spring Rolls, Savoury Quiche, Mushroom, spinach & feta Breadcases & Broccoli + Cheese Bites served with appropriate condiments

featured-menu-page sweet-tooth-fairy-platter

Sweet Tooth Fairy Platter

$86.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

Perfect for the children's birthday party.  

Including Rainbow fruit jelly, Chocolate Marshmallow Kebabs, Seasonal Fruit Kebabs, Fairy Bread & Chocolate Crackles 


*Only avaliable in Auckland*

featured-menu-page little-rascals-platter

Little Rascals Platter

$86.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

A hot platter to compliment the Sweet Tooth Fairy 

Mini Hamburgers, Mini Hot Dogs, Mini Savouries & Sausage Rolls served with Tomato Sauce 


*Only avaliable in Auckland*

featured-menu-page night-owl-platter

Night Owl Platter

$91.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

Prefect while watching the big game. 

Mini hot dogs, Spicy Chicken Nibbles, Meatballs with plum sauce & Selection of Savouries served with tomato sauce 

platters blurb gallery featured-menu-page classic-sandwich-platter platter

Classic Sandwich Platter

$88.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

A platter filled with all of the old time favourites from the sandwich family of delicious savoury food.

  • cucumber finger sandwiches, asparagus rolls, selection of sandwiches on swiss grain, rye and white breads with a variety of fillings, and triple decker club sandwiches.
platters blurb gallery featured-menu-page deli-sandwich-platter

Deli Sandwich Platter

$86.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

A platter of hearty contemporary European styled sandwiches.

Sandwich catering at its best!

  • focaccia bread filled with rare beef, horseradish cream, beetroot and rocket, ciabatta rolls with smoked chicken, brie, rocket and spicy plum sauce, baguette sticks filled with champagne ham, salad greens & swiss cheese,
featured-menu-page hot-savoury-platter gallery-fingerfood

Hot Savoury Platter

$91.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

A selection of everyones favourite savoury pastry treats.

  • mini savouries, bacon & egg slice, sausage rolls, spinach & feta scrolls, tomato chutney, and plum sauce.
featured-menu-page vegetarian-pita-platter

Vegetarian Pita Platter

$91.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

Wholly vegetables batman! This is a fantastic, fun interactive platter that your guests will simply love. Your guests can grab their own pita pocket and fill it with a delicious selection of Middle Eastern (meat free) healthy and fresh fillings.

The pita pockets are supplied pre cut, spoons and tongs are also provided.

  • falafel, turkish dolmas, tabouleh, salad greens, tomato, red onion, grated carrot, tzatziki, hummus, hot chilli sauce, garlic sauce, and fresh pita pockets.
platters featured-in-menu gallery featured-menu-page antipasto-platter

Antipasto Platter

$91.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

This is a selection of your favourite meditterranean treats.

Usually accompanied by wine, such a platter is often used to stimulate appetite before your main meal. This platter is the perfect way to slow things down and savour great food.

  • fresh breads and assorted condiments, a selection of gourmet dips and spreads, and mediterranean specialties including olives, sundried tomatoes, salami.
featured-menu-page old-english-ploughman-s-platter

Old English Ploughman's Platter

$91.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

A rustic selection of hearty English country style cheese, pickles and meats.

  • cheese, pickle, ham, boiled eggs, cold pork & fennel sausage, crudities, pickled onion, and crusty white bread.
featured-menu-page seafood-platter

Seafood Platter

$132.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

A selection of freshly cooked and chilled seafood delicacies.

Seafood Platter Catering at it's best!

  • fresh sushi with soya sauce, wasabi and ginger, fresh breads and assorted condiments, scallops wrapped in pancetta, coriander, lime and ginger marinated prawn skewers, and smoked and marinated salmon and mussels.
featured-menu-page cheese-platter

Cheese Platter

$94.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

Platter with premium cheeses, spreads and fruit condiments.

  • fresh breads and assorted condiments, selection of fine New Zealand cheeses, gourmet cracker selection, fresh and dried fruits, hummus, pâté, and selection of chutneys, dips and spreads.
featured-menu-page sweet-platter

Sweet Platter

$88.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

A delicious selection of tasty sweet treats.

As an alternative to a full dessert buffet, these sweet platters are a great way of serving dessert.

Dessert Catering at its best!

  • Mini Fruit Kebabs (GF), profiteroles filled with chocolate or vanilla custard, mini tartlets - berry crumble, chocolate caramel & lemon meringue, and chocolate mud cake.

Gluten free platter

$100.00 per platter (inclusive of GST). Minimum of 1.

Selection of savouries, Chicken wings served with plum sauce, Sausages wrapped in Bacon & GF Filled Rolls (cold)

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